Thursday, February 22, 2018

Finished with 2016

On Sunday I spent a couple hours in the darkroom and processed a batch of film.  This was 4" x 5" Bergger Panchro 400, processed in Ilford Perceptol developer.  The development time for this film is quite long, at 20:00 minutes.  The developer is diluted 1:1, and development temperature is pumped up a little to 24C.  As I result I only ran two tanks of seven hangers, for a total of 14 sheets.  This included five sheets taken in late 2016.  These were the only remaining unprocessed sheets from the 2016 calendar year, so I am now finished with 2016.  I probably still have around a hundred sheets remaining from 2017 to be processed.  And, I have now started shooting 2018, despite the poor weather conditions.  It is a never ending process... but I enjoy it immensely.  The scan attached below is the last image processed from 2016.
This is a small patch of aspen seedlings in the sand along Jasper Lake, in Jasper National Park.  They are slowly being consumed by the advancing sand dunes.  Roche Miette is visible in the clouds in the background.  This image was taken in late October of 2016 with my Ebony SV45TE view camera and a Fujinon-W 125mm lens, and a #25 Red Filter.

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