Saturday, February 10, 2018

Rob's Millwork Shop 2

I'm kind of at a standstill in terms of building more interior doors.  I still have the door stops that I need to sand, stain and lacquer but other than that I can't do anything further until we source more antique windows.  In the mean time I have moved on to some cabinet construction.
I purchased some cabinet grade birch plywood and 250 board feet of rough cut rustic hickory hardwood.  I am now in the process of building all the cabinets for the cottage.  This includes a bathroom vanity, a free standing pantry, and the kitchen cabinets and cupboards.  The body of each piece will be constructed from the plywood.  The faces and exposed sides and doors and drawer fronts will be constructed from the hickory.  I am planing down the hickory and constructing from there.  I saw a design on line that was decorated with some tree branches on the doors.  I am stealing that concept and incorporating it into these cabinets of my own design.  In addition to the hickory I am insetting some pine paneling into the cabinet doors.  This will help to create some design cohesion with the interior room doors that I have already started on.
I am well on my way with the bathroom vanity and hope to be into the finishing stages and hardware assembly within the next week or so.  After that I will carry on with the pantry.  I need to get out to the cottage and check some room dimensions before I get too serious about the kitchen cabinets and cupboards.
Years ago I had a home workshop set up in the basement of the house I used to live in.  I built quite a number of pieces including desks, benches, cabinets, tables and some smaller items.  I quite enjoy woodworking but haven't had the time for it in recent years.  I also no longer have a home workshop.  I find it really frustrating to work in my shop as I seem to spend most of my time hunting for tools that my staff have misplaced.  But, the cottage project has brought me back to my past hobby and I have now brought most of my hand tools to the shop so that I can work without too much frustration.  Perhaps this is something that I will continue with as I look to eventually retire.  In the meantime my plate is full with all these items that I need to construct for the cottage.

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