Thursday, February 15, 2018

Center Street

I took this image of the abandoned stores on Center Street, in Hairy Hill, Alberta back in December.  This was while my friend Court and I were out for a day trip.  I've shot here many times before but this time it felt like the start winter conditions added to the mood of desolation and abandonment.  I just processed this film a couple weeks ago.  The image was shot on Ilford Delta 100 4"x 5" sheet film, exposed at 80 iso.  I used my Ebony SV45TU camera and a Rodenstock Grandagon-N 90mm lens.  The film was processed in Ilfotec DDX developer, diluted 1:4, for 12:00 minutes at 24C.  Although there is nothing wrong with this film and developer combination, I like the results of other ones better.  I will probably not come back to this developer once I use up the stock that I have.  In the future I will work with this film and process in Rodinal, in PMK and in 510 Pyro.  Check back in the coming months for some of those results.

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