Friday, February 2, 2018

Framed Print for InFocus

I've been so busy the last little while that I sort of neglected getting my print ready for the InFocus exhibition.  I printed the negative back in early January, but just never got around to the finishing part.  While I was helping Aaron and Alexis with some of the preparations for the show I was reminded that the framed prints needed to be delivered last weekend.  I spent two evenings helping build 17 wall panels that will be used for the show and this took away some of my finishing time.  I was granted an extension, and finally finished my print last Sunday.  I dry mounted it, cut over matts, did a little spotting, and cut up and assembled a frame.  On Monday night I had my weekly guitar lesson with my daughter Anna, followed by a late hockey game.  On Tuesday evening I was finally able to deliver my finished print.  When I arrived Aaron and Alexis were just in the process of unloading the wall panels from their trailer, into their garage.  I helped unload them and stacked them all up so that the exposed edges can be painted.  The faces of the panels were prefinished white hardboard.  They sure are putting a lot of time and effort into this show.  Hopefully it will be appreciated and well attended.  I've always enjoyed taking part and don't mind helping out as much as I can.

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