Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Telephone

Last weekend the girls and I took a drive out to the town of Calmar.  There is an antique store there... Loganberries... that we wanted to check out.  The store did not disappoint and had a lot of really nice stuff.  Mostly I was looking for old windows, so that I could continue with the construction of the interior doors for our cottage.  They didn't have any that I liked, but they had a lot of other cool stuff.  Margarit bought an old floor lamp that will eventually end up out at the cottage.  I bought an old vintage telephone.
I talked to my friend Chris, who is a bit of an expert with respect to old telephones.  He tells me that this one dates back to the 1910's.  He says he could set it up so that it works on a modern land line.  I opened up the cabinet to have a look at the innards and it turns out that some previous owner had wired in a rotary dial and had been using it.  I bought this with the intention of putting it on the wall in our cottage.  We aren't likely going to bother to get a phone line out there so we will probably never hook this up.  It was interesting to find out that we have that option. 

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