Sunday, February 18, 2018

Saturday Afternoon

As nice as it is to sleep in, I hate wasting my weekends by sleeping in too long.  I compromised on Saturday and got up around 8:30AM.  I had a bunch of odds and ends that I wanted to catch up on.  I went to my shop and met there with Al from Rolltec.  He finalized his quote for the rollshutter installation at our place in Nordegg, and I paid him a deposit.  He'll build the shutters over the next couple of months and have them ready for installation later in the spring.
I washed my truck as it was becoming pretty caked with road grim and salt.  Partly from the drive out to Nordegg on Friday but also due to the Calcium Chloride solution that our wasteful civic government keeps spreading on the roads in the city.  Seems to me this is environmentally unfriendly, corrodes vehicles, and creates black ice whenever the temperature plummets into the -20's.  But our local politicians like to spend our money on wasteful things.
I slipped out to the music store for a little while and had a look at some guitars.  Then I continued work on my projects at the shop.  I put together the cabinet doors for our bathroom vanity and mounted them to the cabinet.  The hinges are all adjusted and I'm just waiting for the cabinet handles that I've got on order.  I can now continue with the counter top and the sink and faucet installation.  I was a little uncertain exactly how much room there was in our bathroom and was a little leery about pushing too far with the vanity.  But I checked dimensions when I was out there on Friday, and breathed a sign of relief.  Lots of room for this vanity, including a slightly overhanging countertop.
The acrylic resin that I used to fill the cracks in our fir slab coffee table has not fully cured yet so I couldn't work on that.  And, I'm not completely happy with the most recent antique window that we purchased.  I've been attempting to rebuild it a little and have to decide whether it is good enough to build the next interior door around, or whether I should keep looking for another.
So, in order to continue working I cut up the plywood for the body of the pantry cabinet.  This will be the next piece of furniture that I move onto, once the vanity is completely done.

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