Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fall Sunday

I slept in a little today, but was up and mobile by mid-morning.  I went to the Eskimos football game yesterday with one of my business partners, Brad.  There was a significant police presence outside of Commonwealth Stadium after the Eskimos loss to Winnipeg, but we didn't think much of it.  The disappointment of our sixth loss in a row, after a 7-0 start, was weighing on our minds.  The Winnipeg Blue-Bombers didn't play a very strong game either and the Eskimos could have taken it, had they played a little better.
When I turned on the radio this morning I learned that there had been a suspected terrorist event here in the city.  A few blocks south of the stadium, during the football game, a car rammed a police barricade that was set up for traffic control.  The driver jumped out and attacked a police officer with a knife, stabbing him several times.  Fortunately the officer is OK, but the assailant fled on foot.  A couple of hours later the same individual was stopped in a routine traffic check on nearby Wayne Gretzky Drive.  The ownership documents were found in the car that had been abandoned after the previous incident, and the name broadcast to the entire police force.  A driver with the same name was stopped driving a rented U-Haul van during that traffic stop.  He fled the scene as well, this time in the van, headed for downtown Edmonton.  He attempted to run into several groups of pedestrians along Jasper Avenue and injured four.  He was apprehended a short time later and arrested by police.  One of the two vehicles he had been driving had an ISIS flag in it and the events are being investigated as an act of terrorism.  I was pretty close to the scene of the first incident but had no idea what had happened until I heard about it the next day.  I guess even Edmonton, up here in the great white north, is not immune from this sort of stupidity..... what is this world coming to....??!!
Today my Renegades Hockey team played a game at 12:30 in the afternoon at the Knights of Columbus Arena.  It was a close game against the first place Hungry Beavers.  We had two goals disallowed and a number of questionable penalties were called.  We ended up tied in regulation but this time, when it went to the shootout, we lost by a score of 7-6.
Later this afternoon as I relax on this rather blustery fall day, I've just posted a new image to my Flickr account.  This is one from a recent batch of RPX-25 sheet film that was processed a few days ago.  This particular image was taken back in January on one of several trips to and from Saskatoon for the Procession West Show at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery.


  1. That one would look fine on my office wall. I really dig it!

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