Saturday, September 30, 2017

Winter Hockey

The winter hockey season started for my Renegades team back at the beginning of September.  We started out the season in Division 8, a move down from where we played last year.  I'm convinced that this will be a better fit for our team.  The past couple of seasons we finished near the bottom of division 7 and this move should make us more competitive.
So far we don't have a permanent goaltender.  The guy that played for the team the last couple of seasons can't play full time this winter due to work commitments.  I've got three near guys that are interested, but so far all of them have been unavailable through our first four games.  It seems we will probably go through the season with a tag team of various goalies and hopefully be able to settle on one or two come playoffs.
The team has played four games so far, but I only made it out to two of them.  I missed a couple of games when I was away in Nordegg.  We have a record of 3 wins and 1 loss so far, and all the games have been close.  We play our fifth game later this weekend, against a team that is undefeated so far.  We'll see how that goes and that should provide us with a good indicator of where we stand for the season.

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