Saturday, September 9, 2017

Labor Day Long Weekend

We headed back out to Nordegg on the morning of Saturday September 2nd.  As usual it was a mad scramble to wrap up the work week and get everything ready to go.  With the days getting so much shorter at this time of year we no longer try to head out on Friday evenings.  We took two trucks with us again this time so that we could bring our second ATV along for the weekend.
On Saturday afternoon we went out for an trail ride on the ATV's.  Our friends Shelley and Eric came along with us as they recently just bought a small quad.  We took them out on all the groomed ATV trails around the townsite.  These trails are continually being worked on as every weekend that I return I find that more sections of trail have been gravelled, and new trails added.  By the time we got back to the property after the ride and got supper going, it was getting late.  It was too late for us to join the annual Corn Roast that was taking place in town at the Community Hall.  Instead, we got a small fire going and sat around it for a while but ended up turning in fairly early.
It has been quite warm and dry all through the latter part of summer and on Saturday it was also quite windy.  A number of small forest fires broke out in the area and there were helicopters and water bombers flying around all weekend.  I understand that there were fires north of Baldy Mountain, near Crescent Falls and up by Whirlpool Point.  None of them were particularly close to us and I understand that they were all under control.  But it was very smoky all day Saturday and at times there was ash raining down out of the sky.
On Saturday evening we got some showers and they continued off and on through the day on Sunday.  I threw my camera into the ATV and headed out to do a little shooting up in the hills.  Also stopped by the creek and threw a line in a couple times.  The water is very low and there seemed to be little activity with the trout.  By Sunday evening the girls packed up and headed home.  They took one of the trucks and the small ATV back with them.  The girls had plans on holiday Monday, which included some preparations for the upcoming new school year.
I stayed out at the property by myself for Sunday evening and Monday.  I was awake before dawn and up at first light on Monday.  The rain had washed away most of the smoke and the skies were clear when the sun came up.  Then a heavy fog rolled in and it became very silent and closed in.  That only lasted about an hour or so before burning off and the rest of the day was sunny and warm.  I puttered around on a few things at the property.  Not much has happened on our cottage these past couple of weeks.  The backfilling of our foundation is now pretty much complete and the water storage cistern has been placed into the basement.  Other than that we are mostly just waiting for the framing crew to get started.
I met one of our new neighbors, Jess, who is clearing and building next door to our friends Shelley and Eric.  He gave me a ride back from the Industrial Park so that I could put the second ATV away in storage before packing up the trailer and heading home.  I arrived back in the city about 9:00PM just in time to unpack and prepare for the upcoming work week.

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