Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend

It was nice to have a long weekend and be able to have the extra day off.  It was cool and overcast for most of the weekend, and quite windy on Saturday and Sunday.  By the time I returned to work on Tuesday morning it didn't really feel like there had been much of a break, as I was busy all weekend long...
On Saturday morning I went to the shop and did some work on my travel trailer.  The quality of modern RV's leaves something to be desired.  Ours has been falling apart since the day we got it and I have already done a number of repairs over the past couple of years.  This time around I had to rebuild the back of the bench at our dining table.  To do this I had to remove the sofa to gain access to the back of the bench.  The back was constructed of 1x1 lumber, stapled together, with a sheet of 1/8" paneling on either side.  Needless to say this has been broken and fallen apart through normal use.  I reinforced the spindly frame with some steel angle brackets.  I then installed a solid backing plate of 1/8" aluminum sheet, over which I glued the original wood paneling.  The inside of the bench was reinforced with a continuous piece of aluminum angle.  It is a lot stronger now than it originally was.  Later that evening we went out to my brother Greg's place in Sherwood Park for our first of two Thanksgiving dinners.
On Sunday morning I was back to the shop, this time working on organizing some materials and supplies for our property out at Nordegg.  I lined up some tools, set up a proper hitch on my truck.  I just bought a new utility trailer that we will use to transport materials and our ATV's to and from our property in Nordegg.  It uses a different size hitch than our travel trailer.  Later in the afternoon I went home and did some work in the darkroom.  I printed a 8x10 negative from the Forgotten Prairie project by the Van Dyke Brown process.  This image will be displayed at our upcoming premiere.  Later that evening Margarit's brother Shawn and his family came over to our place for Thanksgiving Dinner.
Then on Monday morning I was back at the shop, this time to pick up my utility trailer and ATV.  Hailey and I headed out to Nordegg for the afternoon.  We got a bit of a late start but did manage to make it out for the afternoon.  I wanted to get a look at the property now that the framers are just about finished with the cottage and garage.  There were a few little things that I needed to change and I wanted to make sure they were looked after.  We took the lock off of the storage building that we had rented for the summer.  I put out a feeder with a salt block and some oats for the deer that have been living on and around our property.  With all the construction activity this summer they haven't been around as much as we would like and I want to encourage them to stay.  Hailey and I went out for a ride on the ATV for the afternoon.  The snow a couple weeks back brought down a lot of trees along the ATV trails and some of them are impassible right now.  Next time I take a ride out I'll have to take along a chain saw and clear some of the trails.  We made it back to the city around 9:00PM and I was back to the shop once again to put the ATV away.  Once the garage in Nordegg is completed we will leave it out there but for now we have to drag it back and forth.  Sure seems like I didn't really get away from work, despite it being a long weekend.
Here are a couple of snapshots of the cottage taken with my phone...

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