Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bergger Panchro 400 in Perceptol

As I make plans for the upcoming Fall Photo Weekend with the Monochrome Guild, I came across this image.  Every fall for the past 17 years the group has made a weekend trek out somewhere to photograph.  Most years we have visited Jasper National Park and this year we are making plans to return.  This image was taken on the fall trip last year... a year ago almost to the day.
Last weekend I processed a batch of Bergger Panchro 400 4" x 5" film in Ilford Perceptol developer.  The dilution was 1:1 and development was for 20:00 minutes at 24C.  The images was taken at Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park with a 110mm lens and a #25 Red Filter.

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