Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Yamaha ET300 Restoration continues

Back in 2014 I started to restore my old 1979 Yamaha snowmobile.  I put a new seat and a new windshield on it at that time.  That spring I put it away in storage and then promptly abandoned the project.  Now that we have our place up at Nordegg I've resurrected the project and need to get it back on track.  The snowmobile still starts easily enough, but it isn't running very well.  It won't idle properly without choking it, and it has no power.  So, I had one of the guys in the shop pull the carburetor off for me and I took that in to get rebuilt.  That helped, and it idles better, but it still has no power and seems to have lost compression on one cylinder.  I'm too far in to this project now to abandon it so I'm going to have to take it in and have some work done on the engine.
In addition to the other things I've done I also put on a new set of skis with a new set of carbides.  And I replaced the old broken kill switch, and a duct leading into the carb.  Once these engine issues are addressed the old sled will be ready to roll.  Should be a great little machine for the girls to rip around on up at Nordegg.  With spring upon us it seems that will likely be next year at this point.
The last image below is of the new Skidoo Tundra that I bought last fall.  It hasn't been out on the trails yet this year either.  Early in the year it was very cold, with very little snow.  Late in the season we finally got some snow... and a considerable amount.  But every time that I was available to get out it was really cold.  The days that were nice and mild, I had other commitments.  Right now its a bit of an ordeal to take the sleds all the way out to Nordegg.  It means six hours on the road... three hours each way... for a couple hours of riding.  The cottage is still an empty shell so there is no where to warm up, have lunch, or use a bathroom... other than the outhouse of course.  And until late in the season the buildings were not far enough along in construction that I could leave the snowmobiles there and safely lock them up.  That meant dragging a trailer all the way out there an back is well.  Perhaps I'm just a lazy slob but these are my reasons for not getting around to it this year.  Next year will be different, as the cabin should be nearing completion and we will safely be able to store our equipment out there...

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