Saturday, March 24, 2018

Old Neon

The entire family got up this morning at 5:00AM.  My oldest daughter Hailey is flying to Washington State today to visit her aunt Natalia.  This is Hailey's first time traveling alone, so she was rather anxious to be at the airport early.  We left home about 6:00AM and got to the airport by about 6:30, despite the fact that the flight wasn't actually scheduled to depart until 8:45AM.  Once Hailey got through the security check in, there was no point in the rest of us hanging around.  We went out for breakfast, and then eventually went home.  The two younger girls decided to stay home and have a nap while Margarit and I went out and ran some errands.  
We stopped at a few places and checked out some light fixtures, appliances and building supplies for the Nordegg cabin.  Then we stopped at the wood stove place that we bought our stove from, and picked up an extra length of pipe that we needed to complete the chimney installation.
I dropped Margarit off back at home and headed out by myself after that.  I took my big camera with me and stopped for about an hour to photograph and old neon sign at a south side Motel.  I have a feeling that this one isn't long for this world.  I took a few shots on 4" x 5" black and white film.  I also took this quick snapshot with my phone.  This was the first time that I have exposed any film in well over a month.  I have been so busy with so many other things, that my photography has ended up on the back burner.  Now that spring has arrived and the snow pack is quickly melting, there should be more opportunities to get out again with the big camera.
After finishing up with the photography project I headed over to the shop to organize some construction materials.  I have a bunch of insulation to haul out to Nordegg as well as some other materials and supplies.  I also spent a little time working on my cabinets again.  The bathroom vanity has been nearly complete for some time now.  I'm currently working on a free standing cabinet that will serve as a pantry.  Once these two are finished I will move on to the kitchen cupboards, and some shelving.  Oh...  and I still have more doors to make.  These millwork projects have been pushed aside a little in the past couple of weeks.  Time to get back at them... !!

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