Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Far Far Away

When I went out to Nordegg for the weekend, with my daughter Hailey, a couple of weeks ago, we drove a different route out there.  I came across the remains of an old school house.  We were tight for time that weekend as we needed to finish the insulation and vapor barrier in advance of the drywall contractor.  This past weekend when Margarit and I went out there, we had a little more time.  It was my intention to stop and photograph at this spot on the way out there.  We left the city really early that Saturday morning for two reasons.  One was to make it to the flooring store before they closed at noon, and the other was to photograph this school.  I was yapping so much to Margarit that I missed the turnoff and we ended up having to take a different route out to the cottage.
On the way back we returned by my intended route and made time to stop at this spot.  Faraway School closed in 1971 according to the historic marker.  What remained of the school was burnt at some point, probably after it was abandoned.  Not much left of the place but the two outhouses remain back in the woods.  Unfortunately it was getting dark by the time we arrived and there was no opportunity to photograph here with the big camera.  I took a few snapshots and plan on returning some other time.

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