Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Back to Dorothy

On Sunday morning, after the Springfest, we all slept in for a while.  Then it was a late, rather lazy breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and coffee.  It was a big communal affair with all ten of us hanging around.  Later we decided to take a drive down the valley to Dorothy.  The girls and I used to camp out in Dorothy all the time.  It was a ghost town, rather abandoned and forgetten and a nice quiet place to stay.  More recently it has been somewhat developed.  The cook shelter in the park has been replaced.  The park is now fenced so you can't just drive in with a trailer.  And the two old churches, the photographic highlights of the ghost town, have now been restored.  The old grain elevator suffered some serious storm damage a couple of years ago and probably will not remain stable for much longer.  Ever since we bought the shop in East Coulee, we just haven't been back here camping.  
The girls explored the old nostalgic playground, and we wandered around for a while checking out the old buildings and the ant highway.  By late afternoon we headed back to the shop, packed up all the stuff from the trailer, and got ready for the drive back to the city.  It was about 6:00 before we got all the girls and pets and stuff packed back into the vehicles and hit the road.  We made an ice cream stop along the way and made it back to the city around 9:30.  
The first camping weekend of the summer, if you can call it that.  I'm not sure that staying in a trailer, parked in a warehouse, really qualifies as camping.  But we really enjoyed the weekend and look forward to getting out again.

This is a shot that I took in Dorothy 20 years ago.  I shot this with my Sinar F1 4" x 5" view camera on Kodak High Speed Infrared Film.  It was taken in July of 1998.  At that time the old United Church was in a state of abandonment.  The new house and yard had not yet been built beside it.  A couple of years later I proposed to Margarit in that very church, and she foolishly accepted.  This image was included in the Procession West Gallery Exhibition that toured western Canada for several years.  It is one of my best selling prints.  Today, the place doesn't look much the way it did twenty years ago...

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