Thursday, May 31, 2018

Summer Hockey

Summer Hockey season started for the Renegades back on May 9th.  This summer we are playing in Division 7, with five other teams.  There have been five games on our schedule so far, though one was postponed due to a power outage at the arena.  I thought I was going to miss that one as it was on the Friday evening that I had to head out to Jasper.  NowI should be able to take part in the make up game later this summer.  We are a perfect 4-0 so far and sit in first place in our division.  With the exception of the first game, which I missed, and which was a blow-out against a team that has since been moved into a lower division, all the games have been close.  It remains to be seen if we can maintain our winning streak.  The games generally get a little tougher as the season goes on.  The rust is blown off and with regular games, everyone's play improves.  Some of the weaker teams generally bring in some better spares as the season goes on.  There are two games coming up next week and the 18 game regular season will continue into July.

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