Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome to 2018... !!

Its a heat wave today... relatively speaking.  During this past week off from work, I've been down to my shop almost every day.  I've spent a couple of hours every day working on some interior doors that I am building for our cottage up at Nordegg.  This project has to be done, and I'd much rather waste a -25C day with limited daylight, as opposed to some nice day later in the spring.  The door jambs are all done and I'm presently working on the frames of the new doors.  When I left the house late this morning it was still -26C.  But, when I left the shop to return home in the middle of the afternoon, the temperature had popped up to -14C.  Seems we have weathered the storm and milder temperatures are forecast to be with us for the next week or two... just in time for the return to work!!
Last night the girls and I had a big family dinner with a prime rib roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad and veggies.  After dinner we all bundled up and walked over to the nearby community hall for the annual fireworks display.  The temperature was -26C, and with the wind chill effect taken into account it felt like -32C.  Attendance was rather sparse this year with most people watching from their parked cars.  Only a few brave souls like us bundled up and wandered out into the school ground for the display.  Like all the previous years it did not disappoint and we enjoyed the show.  I didn't bother to bring my digital camera, but attempted to take a few photos with my cell phone.  It froze up after a couple of shots and the only good one I got is this one posted below.  It took over an hour back at the house before the poor old phone warmed up enough to turn on again...

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