Saturday, January 20, 2018

Completion Near

Our project with Shunda Creek Contracting in Nordegg is approaching the end.  Our cottage and garage up at Nordegg are just about finished to the lockup stage.  That's all that our agreement with Scott of Shunda Creek includes at this time.  The last of the siding was just installed over the past few days.  There are only a few odds and ends remaining to look after.  Some soffit material is yet to be installed, some caulking, eavestroughs, downpipes, chimney, plumbing vent, and two skylights to put on.  We will get Scott back in the spring to do some site work and to trench in the utilities.  The bulk of the work from now on will be up to me.  I am hiring trades to do some things, and others I will be doing myself.
The basic schedule is to get electrical rough in done this winter, so that we can install insulation and vapor barrier in the early spring.  My friend Rob is going to do the electrical work for me, and I'll be helping.  I will do the insulating myself.  Then I have a drywall crew hired to do the boarding, taping, texturing and priming starting in the spring.  Once drywall is complete the girls and I will paint everything.  We have a mechanical contractor, a friend of my cousin, based out of the Rocky Mountain House area, that will be installing our furnaces and the pressure system.  Once that is all complete, hopefully by summer, we will have a unfinished but somewhat functional cottage.  We can then take our time and look after flooring installation, interior trim, cabinets and fixtures, railings, appliances, etc.
There will be no shortage of work for some time to come.  Not only is there all of this interior construction stuff to look after but I also intend to build some of the furniture and maybe the cabinets.  Then there is exterior stairs and landings.  Site work outside includes building permanent firepits, splitting firewood, general cleanup after all the construction.  Seems my time is committed for the next several years.
I will say that we are quite happy with the job that Scott has done for us to get the buildings to this point.  I designed the cottage myself and he turned my plans into a functional building, with some sound advice and input along the way.  We are finally beyond the rough construction stage and now have something real to work with.  Exciting times indeed....

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