Sunday, January 21, 2018

Frigid Photography

On Sunday morning my friend Court and I set out for a road trip.  We met at my place at 9:30AM and after a brief stop for fuel, we hit the road.  As was our usual routine we pointed the truck up to the northeast.  The forecast was calling for it to be very foggy in the morning, then to clear, with the afternoon high to peak at about -3C.  All of that came true, except for the clearing part.  It remained heavily overcast and the sun never broke out.  To make matters worse there was a stiff breeze out of the southeast that made it rather uncomfortable to be out in the open.  These were far from the worst conditions that I have ever endured, but in combination with the ugly flat light it left us rather uninspired.  We drove around for most of the day and had a great visit chatting about all sorts of things, including an upcoming group photo project.  We managed to get out with the camera a couple of times and I did come home with a few sheets of exposed film.  We also found a couple of locations that seem worthy of a return trip under better conditions.  The sun finally broke out a little, just as it was setting in the late afternoon.  The temperature peaked at about -4C, but with that breeze it felt a lot colder than that.  I suppose there is no option but to endure these kind of conditions for a couple more months.  Before we know it spring will arrive and we will be visually refreshed to get out again for some more serious work.

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