Sunday, January 14, 2018

Carpentry Projects Continue

The frigid cold snap has finally come to an end.  It was really cold through most of last week but by Friday and into Saturday it really warmed up.  On Sunday it was slightly cooler but the mercury still managed to expand to about -7C.  
For some reason I just didn't feel like getting out and doing much.  I could have taken a drive out to Nordegg, where the temperatures were slightly milder still.  I just didn't feel like spending six hours driving for a couple of hours out at the property.  I probably could have taken the new snowmobile out for a spin, but snow conditions are still a little sparse out there.
Instead I spent a few hours on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon, working at my shop.  I began the process of applying lacquer to the tongue and groove pine panelling that I bought for our project.  These will be installed on the vaulted ceiling portion of the cottage.  They can't go up until after the drywall is finished.  But, I'd much rather be prepping them now... during these short winter days... than later in the summer.
I've also been continuing with the ongoing door construction project.  The jambs are now all complete and I'm ready to start building the doors themselves.  The door frames are constructed and ready to go.  I've been waiting to find some antique windows to install into these doors.  Margarit picked up the first one on the weekend at an Antique Store in northeast Edmonton.  It is approx. 17 x 20 inches and includes some leaded glass.  I framed out an opening of this size in the first door, which will allow me to set this window into it.  Then I proceeded with the application of tongue and groove pine panelling to the surface of the door.  I got one side installed, and now just need to flush trim everything with my router.  Then it will be ready for me to panel the other side.  After that I can build the moldings to secure the antique window, and sand and finish the door.  By the time I have all of that accomplished, hopefully we have secured a second antique window and I can continue with the next.  We have a total of four interior doors that are needed, and would like to have an old window mounted into each of them.

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