Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Hockey - Game 7

In light of the complaints that they were getting about divisional placement of teams for the summer season, the Edmonton Recreational Hockey League re-aligned the divisions once again.  Division 5 was eliminated and the Renegades find ourselves in the lowest Division, number Four, with nine other teams.  The Raccoons, who throttled us twice in recent days, have been moved up to a higher division.  The Renegades played a game last night at Millwoods Arena verses the Ice Hawks.  I was unable to play as I have a very sore and swollen foot and was unable to even get it into my skate.  So the team played with somewhat of a short bench, but managed a decisive 5-0 victory.  It was nice to get back to a winning role, and even nicer to see our goaltender get the shutout.  This was small consolation for the 14 and 12 goals against in the previous two games against the Raccoons.

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