Sunday, May 8, 2011

Summer Hockey - Game 2

Summer hockey season is now underway.  The Renegades played our second game of the season last Wednesday.  We faced off against the Green Hornets, a team of really young guys of mixed skill levels.  Although the score was a little close at one point, we shut them down and managed a 10-5 victory.  We once again find ourselves at the top of our division.  It remains to be seen whether we can stay there....   There is a chance that we could get moved to a higher division.  Or, it is possible that there are some stronger teams that we have not yet played.  Summer hockey is a little more relaxed, and there are not nearly as many teams signed up as in the winter.  There are only five divisions in summer, as opposed to this past winter when there were twelve divisions.  We are starting the season in Division Five.  We play our third game tomorrow night, and our fourth on Wednesday.  After those games we will have a much better idea how things will shape up.

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