Wednesday, June 13, 2018


My Renegades hockey team is doing really well this summer.  We are eight games in to the 18 game regular season.  One was postponed due to a power outage, and will be rescheduled later.  We have played seven games so far and have a perfect record of 7-0.  Last night we beat the second place team called the Hat Trick Swayzes by a score of 9-3.  The game was much closer than the score indicates.  At around the mid point of the second period we were holding onto a slim one goal lead with the score at 4-3.  We scored five unanswered goals to coast to the victory but several of them were late in the game, once it was out of hand, and the other guys had sort of given up.  Earlier games were all mostly really close.  We had a 14-2 blowout victory to start the season against a team that ended up moving down.  Since then we have won three one goal games, one 3-1 victory, one 5-2 victory, and then the game last night.  I hope we stay in this division as the games have been really competitive and I think we are playing against evenly matched opponents.

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