Monday, June 4, 2018

Another Old One

I continue to have no time for photography, so when I do find myself with a few minutes to spare, which isn't very often, I dig back through some of the scans of my negatives.  I have had no time to shoot anything new, and no time to get into the darkroom and process anything.  But I was quite active shooting in late 2017, and quite busy processing film in early 2018.  This is one of the negatives that I processed, though the film was actually exposed in May of 2016... over two years ago.  Like my recent post of the old gas pump, this was a shot taken on Bergger BPF-200.  My box of sheet film expired years ago and the last few remaining sheets were exposed over the past two years, and processed in early 2018.  This was some found stuff in the living room of an abandoned house in Two Hills County.  Makes me want to get out shooting again, and to get back to the darkroom.  Maybe in a couple of months, once the cottage construction is a little further along, I'll be able to return to my passion...

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