Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I arrived out at Nordegg last Saturday at about noon.  I had a load of stuff with me including some wood trim, a log splitter and a bunch of other supplies.  I also had my snowmobile, which is being stored in our garage out there.  After I arrived I plugged in the fridge, unloaded the groceries and a few supplies, and got to work.  I moved the scaffold into proper position and started insulating the high ceiling above our kitchen.  The girls arrived a little later, in our second vehicle, with a bunch more stuff.  By the time they arrived I had finished insulating most of one side of the ceiling and began to put up some vapor barrier.  By late afternoon I set up the chop saw and the compressor and started to cut the pine panelling for the ceiling, as well as some casing for around the windows.  I became annoyed at the fact that I had no tape available to seal the vapor barrier seams.  I was positive that I had left some out there, but it seems to have disappeared since we did the other vapor barrier a few weeks ago.  I ended up borrowing a roll from our general contractor but that wasted half an hour as we had to run around and pick it up.  Then I struggled with getting the tongue and groove paneling to fit together properly.  Finally I gave up on this for the day, thoroughly annoyed and moved on to some casing around the dining room window.  That worked out pretty well and the lacquered 1x4 pine that I am using looks pretty rustic and fits in nicely.  By this time the day was winding down so we got the barbecue going and began to prepare supper.
The girls set up a DVD player and watched some movies in the evening.  It really cooled off and we had to have some electric heaters going to keep the chill out.  Later that evening it began to rain.  It rained all night and by morning there had been about an inch of it.  By mid morning the temperature dropped and it began to turn to snow.  It rained and snowed pretty much all day Sunday.  I was out there last year, on the last day of summer and we got dumped on by about 16 inches of wet snow.  I guess we should expect that as we approach the first day of summer, more snow would be in order.  Perhaps I jinxed it by moving my snowmobile...!
In any event it was too wet and too muddy to set up the saw and compressor outside.  Everywhere we went we were just getting wet and tracking mud all over the place.  Even more frustrated than the day before, I gave up and we just packed everything away.  By the time we were done it was about 2:00 in the afternoon.  Unable to do any work we just hit the road for home.
As we headed back east over the ridge by Saunders, the snow got quite heavy and there as actually a bit of accumulation in the ditches.  This snapshot was taken with my phone, out the front windshield of the truck, as we were driving over the ridge.  
A little bit got accomplished on the weekend, but not nearly what I was expecting.  Hopefully next time I head out there, conditions are better and I can get something done.

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