Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Fathers Day

I went out to Nordegg for the Father's Day weekend.... by myself.  The girls all stayed home to work on some stuff around the house.  I went out to the cottage and worked out there.  I am amazed at how quiet it is out there, even on weekends.  The weather was a little unsettled and there was a heavy rain shower on Saturday, but Sunday was beautiful, and I really enjoyed the time by myself.  None of our friends and neighbors were out.  In fact there was probably only three or four other groups out there along the entire length of Tamarack Trail.  I sat outside on Sunday morning, having my coffee and there was nothing but the sounds of the birds.
Mostly I just worked in the cottage.  I put up some tongue and groove pine paneling on the high vaulted ceiling.  I started work on the casing around some of the windows on the main floor.  I spread some gravel around by our fire pit.  And, I assembled some adirondack chairs that we bought recently.  I also put some walnut trim around the stairway, and vacuumed some of the carpet.  There was a fair bit of mud and dirt tracked in to the cottage due to the recent wet weather so I swept out the main floor area as well.
Scott of Shunda Creek Contracting has been doing some work out at our place in recent days.  The rough grading has been done at our property and some gravel spread around to minimize the mud.  Weeping tile was put in around the garage.  And the sewer line was put in, and the septic tank insulated and backfilled.
The next couple of times that I head out there I need to carry on with the interior finishing.  As soon as that high ceiling is done, then we can get rid of the scaffold and carry on with other interior work.

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