Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Almost Insulated

I got up at my usual time on Saturday morning, and headed over to the shop.  I picked up my truck, which I had loaded the night before with all the remaining insulation for the cottage.  This load was a little bigger than the first one.  I hit the road around 9:00 and made it out to Nordegg by lunch time.  I spent the early afternoon unloading all my supplies and getting set up for work.  Then I took a short break and headed into town... and booked a motel room at the Nordegg Lodge.  I was the only person registered there at that point.  
I headed back up to the cottage and went to work.  Scott still had his construction heater there so I ran it for half an hour and took the chill out.  It was cool, with a high that only got up to around -7C.  There was a bitter wind blowing out of the southeast, which didn't really bother me working inside, but it was more than uncomfortable whenever I stepped outside.  I got spray foam put in around most of the windows, and installed foam insulation to most of the headers.  Then I set to work on insulating.  I finished putting fiberglass batts into the portion of the horizontal ceiling that we didn't finish last week.  Then I started working on insulating some of the high walls.  I quit at about 7:00 and went into town to have something to eat.  The restaurant was really quiet, and there was only one other patron.  By this time there was one other room rented in the motel.  After supper I retired to my room and tried to watch the Oilers game on TV.  I dozed off during the first period, and then again during the second.  I gave up and turned off the TV and went to sleep by about 9:00.
I was up early in the morning and had breakfast in the restaurant before checking out of the motel.  I was up at the cottage by 9:00.  We got a dump of around an inch of snow overnight and it was cold, overcast and somewhat foggy when I got started.  The temperature was around -10C so I fired up the heater again to make working more comfortable.  This time it had to run for a couple hours to warm things up.  My mechanical contractor stopped by around 10:00 and we went over all the rough in work that needs to be done.  He's supposed to head out this week and get that looked after for me.  Our friends Shelly and Eric stopped by shortly after that.  They've had some issues with the contractor working on their cottage a short distance down the road.  Everything seems to be back on track now and their new contractor finally has their place closed in.  Shelly and Eric gave me a hand to switch the screw jacks to wheels on my scaffold.  This makes access to the high walls and the vaulted ceiling a lot easier.  Margarit drove out in the afternoon with Helena and we worked together on the insulation.  It was cold and still snowing when they first arrived, but later the sun came out and it warmed up to around zero.  We finished insulating all of the walls, including the high ones, and got some of the insulation in the vaulted ceiling.  
The vaulted ceiling is not going to be drywalled, so it doesn't need to be finished right away.  I have to still frame in the light shafts beneath our two skylights before I can really finish this area.  This is not really my focus right now as we want to get things ready for the drywall crew.  The work remaining in advance of that is the mechanical rough in, and the installation of vapor barrier.  The mechanical is now scheduled and I'll had back out next weekend to start on the vapor barrier.  We still have three weekends left before the end of the month to wrap that up... literally... ahead of the drywall crew.  Once the drywall guys get going I'll have a break for a couple of weeks at least as there won't be anything I can really do until they finish.  Maybe I'll have a chance to get back to some photography at that point.
Margarit and I worked until about 6:00 and then hit the road for home.  We stopped in Rocky Mountain House for something to eat.  We checked out a Korean-Italian restaurant called Cucina, that had rave reviews.  It was fantastic and we really enjoyed the food.  The couple that owns the place immigrated from Korea a few years ago and chose small town Rocky Mountain House to get away from the hustle and bustle of a large Asian city.  It was about 8:45 before we finished our meal and hit the road for home, which meant we didn't arrive until around 11:00.
Sure was a busy weekend for me and got up early and returned to my desk job on Monday to get some rest...!!
I've attached a few snapshots of the progress this past weekend...  Several of these are wildly distorted as I shot them with a 12mm Fisheye lens on my Nikon D810 digital SLR....

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