Wednesday, April 25, 2018

1979 Yamaha ET300C - The Saga Continues

The restoration of my old Yamaha snowmobile is not going so well.  Several years ago I dug my old machine out of storage and started working on it.  I had the seat reupholstered and made a new windshield for it.  Then it was promptly put on the back burner and sat in storage at my shop for a few more years.  This past winter I returned to the project.  I put on a new set of skis that I bought years ago and had in storage.  I bought some new carbide runners for the skis and put those on as well.  I replaced the broken kill switch and had the carburetor rebuilt.  Despite all that it just would not run properly.  Having invested this much time and money in the restoration, I was obliged to continue.  So I took the machine in to one of the local Yahama dealers last month and had them take a look at it.  A few days later I got a call from them saying that one of the pistons was damaged.  They also told me that they can no longer get parts from Yamaha for a machine this old.
So... I turned to the internet to see if I could find some parts.  There was some stuff available on Ebay and it took me a while to track down a proper set of pistons and rings.  I had to compare old part numbers with the numbers that the local dealer provided me.  Eventually I ended up with the right stuff... new old stock... from two different American dealers.  
I ordered everything and this past week the parts arrived by courier.  Yesterday I ran them down to the service department at the dealership.  They confirmed that they are in fact the correct parts and that they can now continue to rebuild the engine.  This should all be done just in time for summer... so that I can store the sled away for the season and hopefully get it out next year.  I also have the brand new Ski-Doo Tundra that I bought this past winter.  I only got that out for short spin for a few minutes.  Early this past winter it was very cold, with very little snow.  Later in the season we got a lot of snow, but I just didn't have time to get out with the sled.  So much was going on at work and with construction of the new cottage that I just couldn't get out with it.  I will be prepared for next winter though.  Both sleds will be stored away and ready for the snow next season...
Now I can turn my attention to getting the ATV's out of storage and getting ready for the summer riding season.

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