Friday, December 15, 2017

Another Day Trip

Last weekend I had plans to take my middle daughter Anna out on an Owl Prowl.  I had seen three a few days earlier when I was on a business trip down to Drumheller.  But, then I realized that the tickets that I had bought for the girls to see the ballet were for the matinee showing, and not the evening show.  It wasn't an option to postpone until Sunday as I had to play hockey that day.  So, on Saturday afternoon Margarit and the three girls went to the Jubliee Auditorium to see the Nutcracker.  While they did that, I went our for a drive.  I scouted around and drove a bunch of backroads up in Two Hills County.  The view camera came out of the truck a couple of times as I made some photographs of some old buildings.  I've included some snapshots here of a couple of the stops that I made.  As I made my way back into the city, the sun was setting, and I spotted owls in four different locations.  At least three of the four were Great Horned Owls but it was getting to dark too see the last one clearly.  It may have been a Snowy Owl.  All four were in or near Elk Island National Park.  Anna would have been disappointed.  I'll have to take here out some other time...

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