Friday, December 29, 2017

Community Hall

I just finished processing and scanning a batch of film.  Other than the hockey tournament I'm playing in, there isn't much to do this Christmas break due to the cold weather.  I processed a batch of Ilford HP5+ film in 510 Pyro developer.  This was a full batch of 20 sheets of 4x5.  This is the most recent shot in that batch, which included some images from the beginning of 2016.  I recently posted that I finished processing all of my film for 2015.  With this batch of Ilford stuff I now have about 45 sheets left to go from 2016.  Of course I will start shooting new work in 2018 as soon as it warms up.
This image was taken on one of those not-so-cold days back in late November.  It is an abandoned community hall out in Lamont County.  I used a number eight yellow filter to bring out the contrast in the weathered wood and darken the sky a little.  It was taken with a 90mm lens, and my Ebony SV45TU view camera at about 4:00 in the afternoon.  This is just 20 minutes or so before sunset at this time of year on the northern prairies...

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