Thursday, August 9, 2018

Nordegg Days

The first weekend of August... the long weekend... is also Nordegg Days.  This year all of the events were scheduled on Saturday, so I suppose it was just Nordegg Day...!
The girls and I headed out to the cottage on Friday evening after work.  We got up by 8:00 on Saturday morning and headed into town or the annual pancake breakfast.  The whole day is a fundraiser for the community society so there were a whole bunch of events besides the breakfast.  A raffle of donated prizes, a sale of books from the library, an ATV poker rally, pie eating contest and a community BBQ and beer garden.  There were a few free events too... including horse drawn carriage rides, a bouncy castle for the kids, and a band playing in the evening.
After breakfast we went back up to the cottage and worked on the stone floor in the afternoon.  Then later in the evening we went back into town and watched the pie eating contest, and had some burgers and beer at the community BBQ.
On Sunday morning I woke up at my usual time, but was really lazy and just rolled over and dozed off again for a while.  I woke up and dozed off again numerous times through the morning and finally got out of bed about 1:00 in the afternoon.  It has been years since I have slept in that late.  I must have needed to catch up a bit but it felt like a waste of a day.  Later in the afternoon Margarit and I got busy and grouted the stone floor with mortar.  It was a slow and messy process and we both tired of it relatively quickly.  But finally by early evening we were done.
Later that evening while Margarit, Hailey and Helena were out for a ride in the ATV, Anna and I walked over to the neighbors place.  I had heard that the family there had a couple of daughters that were close to the same age as our girls.  Wade and Carrie had a fire going and were visiting with friends when Anna and I wandered over.  We introduced ourselves and immediately discovered that they had two daughters, aged 15 and 12.  Anna and her new friend immediately hit it off and spent most of the remainder of the weekend together.
On holiday Monday our contractor dropped by with his skid steer.  He lifted the wood stove off of my truck and loaded it into the cottage for me.  It just barely fit and we had to strip off some of the crating to get it in.  The mortar of the new stone flooring was still too fresh, and we didn't want to set the heavy stove into place yet.  So we left it on a dolly in the cottage and will move it over into place next time we head out.  Later in the afternoon I installed our ceiling fan and finished up the last of the wood trim around it.  The only work remaining to do, that requires the scaffold, is the chimney for the wood stove.  I expect to do that next time I go out, and then we will be able to take down the scaffold once and for all  We finally packed up and left on Monday evening around 8:00 and arrived back home in the city around 11:00.

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