Thursday, August 9, 2018

An Apology

I know that many of the visitors to my blog over the past few years have come to see my photography.  In fact that was the main purpose for setting up the blog in the first place.  In recent months I've been so busy with other things that my photography has taken a back seat.  Most of my posts have been updates of the almost glacial progress of my construction project out in Nordegg.  There were a few hockey scores mixed in but the photography has been definitely lacking.  In the short term... as in the next few weeks... that is not likely to change.  But the construction project is approaching the point of substantial completion.  Once that point of equilibrium is achieved, then I will be able to slow down dramatically on my commitment to working out at the cottage.  Once that happens there will be a lot more time for me to pick up my camera and get back into photography.  My long term average has been to shoot about 400 sheets of large format 4" x 5" black and white film per year.  So far in 2018 I have exposed less than 50 sheets.  There is no conceivable way that I will be able to catch up to the usual pace, but I'm hoping to get back on track later this fall and salvage at least a portion of the year.  Moving forward there will be a lot more opportunity for photography.  The cottage will not be finished for some time to come.  But, with the essential stuff looked after I can take a lot more time to finish up the detail and finishing stuff and devote at least part of my time to my art.  Thanks for hanging in there and please feel encouraged to come back to my site for a return to a presentation of my photographic work.

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