Friday, September 9, 2016

Winter Hockey Season Begins

The winter hockey season began last night for my team, The Renegades.  This year we are playing in the south conference of the Capital City Recreational Hockey League [CCRHL], in  Division 7.  For the last dozen years or so we have played mostly on the north side of the city... at first in the old ERHL, which was recently taken over by the CCRHL, and more recently in the merged league.  The majority of our current players now live on the south side, and as team manager I was getting tired of the long commute to all the games in the north.  So this year I registered our team to play in the south conference.  As a result most of the teams in our division are new to us.  We have played against a couple of the teams in the past, during inter-conference games last season.
Last night our game was at the old South Side Arena, adjacent to Strathcona High School.  It was a late game, with the puck drop at 10:15pm.  We didn't have a full roster but managed to get 12 skaters and our goaltender out to the game.  We jumped out to an early two goal lead after which our opponents, the Canadian Mooseheads, rallied back to tie the game.  We then got four more goals to put ourselves into a comfortable lead to start the third period.  The Mooseheads put on a late push and made things close before we got one back.  Any chance of a recovery by the Mooseheads was wiped out when they took two late penalties in the last couple minutes and we hung on for a 7-5 victory.  
In years past the league has always had a pre-season but this year that was eliminated so this was a regular season game that counts in the standings. 

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