Monday, September 26, 2016

Winter Hockey - Game FOUR

The Renegades Hockey Team just played game FOUR of our 30 game winter season.  I have managed the team for about a dozen years now.  I also play defence, but struggle to keep up with all the young guys.  I am the oldest guy on the team, by quite a bit, and try not to be too big a liability on the ice.
I made it out to our first game, back in early September, when we defeated the Canadian Mooseheads.  I missed the next two games, both victories, while Margarit and I were away at Mt. Assiniboine.  The guys defeated the Turnkey Studios Penquins and the Rack Monkeys.  Tonight we played the Ice Ninjas at the old Donnan Arena.  This old rink is scheduled to be shut down for refurbishing at the end of October.  It was the first time I had ever played there.  We had a short bench with only 11 skaters and a back up goaltender but managed to play a solid team game and hang on for a 8-6 victory.  Our record is now FOUR wins to ZERO losses, good for a tie for first place in our South Side Division Seven.  The division seems to be really well balanced and all games so far have been close, and competitive.  Hopefully the league considers this realistically when they look to re-align the divisions in the next week or so.  We would like to stay here for the remainder of the winter season, which runs until the end of March.  Stay tuned for more updates as the season moves along...

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