Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sunday Day Trip

Last Sunday, Margarit and I went out for an afternoon drive.  We took the cameras along, and left the girls behind.  Just the usual tooling around up in the rural countryside northeast of the city.  We found a couple of interesting old farmyards and poked around for a while.  The view camera made it out of the truck a couple of times and I actually exposed some film... a rare occurrence lately for me or so it seems.  At one of the yards we found the hive of some wild honey bees under the eave of an old shed.  There was definitely a feeling of fall in the air as there is sort of a crispness in the days now.  There were also flocks of migratory birds gathering.  I don't think they're quite ready to head south yet, but they're getting prepared.  Mostly we saw Canada Geese but there was at least a couple of flocks that sounded like Sandhill Cranes, though they were flying too high to confirm.  We stopped at three old farm yards and one cemetery, before eventually making our way back home to the city.  Once we got back and unpacked the gear we took the girls out for a late dinner of pizza.

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