Friday, November 24, 2017


I've been posting a bunch of newly developed negatives to my Flickr account in recent weeks.  Most of these have not yet made it to my blog.  This one is a favorite of mine and I call it "Sweep".  I like the way that the log siding on this old barn sweeps up to the sky, much like a modern skyscraper.  I shot two versions of this shot... this one on Kodak T-Max 100, exposed at 80 iso and processed in 510 Pyro developer, diluted 1:100.  It was shot with my Ebony 4x5 view camera and a Schnieder Super Symmar XL 110mm lens.  I used a #25 Red filter to pump up the contrast, and deepen the value of the sky.  The other version of this shot was taken on Bergger Panchro 400 but I screwed up that negative in processing, accidentally exposing it when I was loading it into the processing tank.  So... this is the only version of this image that remains... good thing it turned out.
This shot was taken in June of 2016 when I made my second trip to Crowsnest Pass.  This was to pick up my prints that had been on display at the Lebel Mansion Gallery in Pincher Creek.  The Procession West duo show that I put together with my friend Rob Michel had been showing there for a couple of months and I made the trip down to pick up those prints at the end of the show.  While I was down there I spent a couple of days shooting in the area, and this image was one of the keepers from that trip....

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