Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Images

I processed three rolls of Fuji Neopan Acros last night.  These were 120 medium format roll film.  Two of the rolls were shot in the new Gaeorsi 624 Panoramic, and one with the Hasselblad.  I really like the smooth mid tones that this film produces and find it quite different from most other films.  These first couple were shot with the Hasselblad on a day trip out to Elk Island National Park with my daughters, back at the beginning of April.

These next ones, also shot with the Hasselblad, were taken out near Battle Lake, on a day trip with my friend Gerald, on April 10th.

This next one was taken on that same day trip, but with the Gaeorsi 624 Panoramic.

These last few were taken a week later, on my birthday, on a return trip back to the same area, this time with my friend Rob.  Obviously these were also taken with the Gaeorsi 624 Panoramic.

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