Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Two Front Teeth....

My middle daughter Annelise, who turns six in the fall, just lost a couple of teeth.  They had been loose for weeks, and in fact there is a third one that is still pretty wobbly.  A bit of a bump in the face while she was playing with her sisters encouraged the two front ones to finally let go.  One popped out last weekend, and the other followed suit the next day.  It was pretty exciting around our place with the Tooth Fairy visiting twice in the same week.  Her older sister Hailey set a trap for the Tooth Fairy a couple years earlier.  That crafty little Pixie managed to spring the trap, take the tooth, scatter some pixie dust, and leave a few coins.  Annelise was pretty glad that she was still available to make her rounds.  I'm certain there will be the excitement of yet another visit in the coming days when this third tooth finally lets go!

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  1. The tooth fairy was quite busy back then, I say. Losing baby teeth is one of those stages in the kids' life where everything seems to be priceless for them and also to the parents. That's why most people find pictures of their kids with missing front teeth especially cute.