Thursday, March 24, 2011


Back at the end of January I bought a bunch of lilies at the grocery store, for my wife.  It was a bitterly cold day, but I thought they got wrapped well enough to get out to my somewhat warm truck and home.  When Margarit first put them in a vase, they looked fine.  But, within a day or two the stems collapsed and the flower heads sagged and they had obviously been damaged by the cold.  Yet they looked really cool... so I took them down into my studio, set up my lights, and photographed them with my 4x5.  I finally got around to processing a couple of sheets of Polaroid 55 that I shot that day.  I scanned them tonight and quite like the result.  I also shot some additional images on Acros and on T-Max, which I'm sure will be less contrasty and have a totally different look.  I also experimented and shot a couple of sheets of infrared, as well as some color negative.  When I get around to processing the rest of the film, and if anything looks good, I'll post the results.

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