Monday, August 8, 2011

Tragic News... Jason Turner

I didn't know Jason Turner well.  Jay was a close friend of one of the alternate captains of the Renegades Hockey Team.  Jay signed on to play with the team this past summer and was a great guy.  His team spirit was noticed and appreciated in the room and he quickly fit in as one of the guys.  I played defense along side of him for many of our games over the summer season, and through our just finished playoff run.  I just learned that Jay passed away in a tragic accident last week.  While on vacation in the Okanagan with his family, he drowned.  One of his kids had drifted out into the lake on a raft.  Jay swam out to try and bring his child back to shore.  He went down in the water and never made it back up.  At 40 years of age he left behind a wife and three kids.  What a tragic loss....     
He will always be remembered as a team player and family man.
I'm sure it must be terribly difficult for his family to carry on after such an awful tragedy.
This makes me appreciate and realize the importance of family, and the value of the time we have.

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