Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Hockey - Game 16

The Renegades played a game against the Klondike Maulers on Saturday night.  This was a difficult game for me to organize as so many of our guys were busy right before Christmas.  We ended up with six full time players that could not make it.  We had enough skaters, but most of them were defense and several of those ended up playing forward.  Our goalie could not make it, and a couple days before the game our backup bailed out as well.  We scrambled and eventually found another back up.  He was an exceptional goaltender and played a really solid game to keep us in it.  Despite being outshot, we had the game tied 1-1 into the third period.  They got a third period goal to go ahead, and we just couldn't seem to get the bounces to tie it up.  We pulled our goalie with about a minute left and put on a strong push to try and tie the game.  But the Maulers scored an empty net goal for a 3-1 victory.  Now we get a bit of a break over Christmas and play Game 17 just before the end of the year.

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