Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Day Trip

To my surprise I didn't wake up today until nearly noon.  I guess the last couple of very busy weeks, and continuous late nights finally caught up to me.  When I finally got mobile I noticed that it was a clear crisp fall day with bright blue skies.  So, I decided to head out for a day trip with my daughter Hailey.  With such a late start we didn't have time to go too far so once again we set out for Elk Island National Park east of the city.  The light was beautiful and clear but the west wind was brisk and cold.  We checked out several bison herds that were congregating in various parts of the park.  We stopped a couple of times to make photographs with the view camera.  This was mostly of some aspen trunks at a couple of familiar locations.  All of the attached  images, even the black and white ones, were taken with my little point-and-shoot digital camera.  Hopefully some of the more serious work that I attempted with my 4x5 yields some printable negatives.  A bit of a challenge to say the least, considering the wind that was whipping everything around. We also checked out a few old buildings on the east side of the park as we made our way back home.  It was fun spending some one on one time with my daughter.  As I watched her taking photographs with her little digital camera I marveled at how she is starting to develop an eye for composition.  She was directing me where to stop the truck so that she could get the best angles on the herds of bison.  We had a great afternoon together listening to the radio, visiting and taking pictures.  Eventually as the sun began to settle in the west we made our way back home to go out for pizza with the other three girls.

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