Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Weekend

It was a rather subdued weekend.  The weather was cooler, and partly overcast and we had a few showers.  The fall colors are upon us, and the leaves are beginning to fall.  I was rather depressed as I winterized my trailer and put it away for the season.  Although we will be out on some day trips and away for a couple of weekends, we will not be using the trailer any more this season.  Despite the fact that I didn't take any vacation time this summer, we still went out with the trailer for a dozen weekend trips.  All of our friends tell us that they don't know of anyone that gets more use out of an RV.
Saturday night I had my hockey game.  Then on Sunday I went to visit my friend Jon.  Jon was diagosed with primary liver cancer several years ago.  He had a large tumor removed a couple years back.  On September 22nd got a call informing him that a matching donor liver was available and that he would be given a transplant.  That's like winning the lottery!  He was discharged and went home at the end of September.  He is recovering nicely but still very much in pain and feeling lousy.  But, he tells me that every day he feels just a little better.  It will be great to see him up and around again in the coming weeks.

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