Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sunday Day Trip

Last Sunday my eldest daughter Hailey and I headed out for a day trip with my friend Rob.  We left the city fairly early, around 7:30AM.  We headed off into east central Alberta, out near the Saskatchewan border.  It was our intention to explore a couple of dying small towns.  We did that, and also found an old church and a few abandoned farm yards.  It was a fairly productive day and I think we all came home with some good images.  Hailey was shooting B&W film with her 35mm SLR and getting used to a new tripod.  My friend Rob was shooting 4x5.  I was shooting with my 4x5, as well as with my Gaeorsi 624 Panoramic, and I also captured these snapshots with my digital "point and shoot".

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