Monday, January 24, 2011

Photo Book - Christmas in Austria 2007

I was very optimistic that my first attempt at a Photo Book would yield acceptable results.  So much so that I started work on my second one, even before the first book arrived.  I was not disappointed when it finally arrived, and continued with my layout of book two.  I spent the last two or three weeks scanning all the medium format negatives that I shot in Austria over Christmas in 2007.  Then I went about selecting the best version of each image, and editing each file to make it ready for print.  This included contrast adjustment, dust spotting, slight cropping, etc.  I had some technical issues with one of my lenses while in Europe.  This was not obvious to me at the time and I did not realize the problem until I came home and processed the film.  To make matters worse I also had some processing issues with one batch.  Several of my best images were almost lost.  I managed to salvage almost every image, but some are not as good as they could have been.  Finally I set about working on the layout and writing all the text.  Some of the text is in German so the translation process took a while.  I ended up with a 60 page book that includes a selection of 48 Black and White images, plus a handful of color snapshots.  I uploaded the entire file to the publishers server this evening and can now sit back and wait for the finished product to be delivered to me in about a month.  The above image will appear on the cover, and within the book. 

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