Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Only a few hours left in 2010.....   
It wasn't an awful year, but I'm hoping that 2011 is better.  My work situation is a drastic improvement over the years spent with an alcoholic partner.  But, the new partners are still learning the ropes, and aren't active in the day to day operation, so most of the responsibilities fall on my shoulders.  Here's hoping that things settle down this year and I can begin to step back a little and take some time off.
The economy was still in recovery through 2010, and it was a struggle to keep things rolling along in both businesses I'm involved in... Mac Plastics and PalcoPrep.  Hopefully things continue to improve in 2011.
The weather in 2010 left something to be desired.... the summer that was not...  we went out camping and on day trips almost every weekend, despite the weather.  Sure would be nice if we got an early spring, a nice hot summer, a long extended fall, and it only rained at night in 2011!!!  Is that possible...?
In spite of all my complaining, 2010 was a pretty good year.  We are all healthy and happy and enjoyed a lot of good times together.  We made some new friends and spent time with some old ones, discovered some new places, and returned to a few old favorites....
Maybe I should count my blessings and hope for the new year to be as good as the last one....?
Happy New Year everyone!!

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